January 20th, 2021
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    Team CoBaLT | 12.28.04 | D1: 3.01 GB | D2: 3.05 GB | D3: 2.67 GB

    Team R2R | 26.12.2015 | 5.89 GB

    BFD 8 Bit Kit is an expansion pack for BFD3, BFD Eco and BFD2 with dozens of esoteric, vintage and modified drums, percussion and beatboxes – all prepared and tuned in unique ways before being captured by a strange and wonderful array of microphones (in full 24-bit 44.1kHz quality!). 8 Bit Kit is the brainchild of S. Husky Hoskulds whose 8 Bit Audio production company has produced recordings for Tom Waits, Fantômas, Joe Henry, The Wallflowers and many more. The philosophy behind 8 Bit Kit is to deliver fascinating and different sounds: kicks detuned and hit with paint rollers or with chains attached; modified snares with calf-skin or kevlar heads fitted; unique cracked and warped hihats. Other highlights include bongos, hand drums, tambourines, claps and junk percussion alongside vintage analogue drum machines recorded both dry and played out over a custom PA rig in the drum room – these sound great magesy torrent layered with other drums or naked in your mix.

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    • Trap And Pop Vocals MULTiFORMAT
      January 12th, 2021
      Categories: ACiD, AiFF, Audio Samples, REX2, WAV

      Trap And Pop Vocals MULTiFORMAT

      Trap & Pop Vocals

      Team DECiBEL | 12 Jan 2021 | 2.4GB

      .: ACiD/WAV, AiFF & REX :.

      ‘Trap & Pop Vocals’ is the real deal. This Billboard-slaying release features professional Pop arrangements supplied as full stems, with full vocal performances included. Incorporating a wide range of stylistic and musical influences, from magesy download hard hitting half-tempo drums and reeses to Neo Soul style chord progressions, to slick Pop-style vocals and experimental EDM vibes, this collection sets a new benchmark for quality. Inside you’ll find infectious hooks, pristine sound quality and an array of one-shots to help you craft your own Trap and Pop hits. Each of these tracks is perfectly produced and expertly composed, split into song sections and supplied as full length stems for ease of use. Flawless vocal performances underpin each of the five tracks and are perfect for slicing, chopping and much more.

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      • Experimental Percussion WAV-DECiBEL
        December 28th, 2020
        Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

        Experimental Percussion WAV

        Team DECiBEL | 29 Feb 2020 | 296.8 MB

        World-renowned percussionist and composer collects percussive audio postcards from magesy download the Southern Philippines for this eclectic collection. Features one-shots and loops from magesy download kicks, kulintangs, gongs, cymbals, snares, toms, and tons more instruments and objects that go clang and clunk and tick and click.

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        • Depth WAV
          December 23rd, 2020
          Categories: Audio Samples, WAV


          Depth WAV

          FANTASTiC | 20 January 2020 | 456 MB

          Offering a broad spectrum of materials and contain all the elements needed to create breathtaking ambient music. This fantastic sample pack contains a huge variety of sounds, which you’ve never heard before. From evolving and dreamy Pads with lush and organic textures, chilled leads and arpeggiated sequences and Dark Basslines… everything you need to inspire you, we are sure you will enjoy this collection that will take your productions to a new Depth! In detail expect to find here with over 650 MB of material spread over 80 Loops. All Loops & Samples are KEY and tempo-labeled for flexibility, so you can use these samples quickly. This pack is perfect for Ambient, Electronica, Experimental, Chillout, and Downtempo as well as other styles of Electronic Music such as New Age, Chillwave, Liquid Dubstep, Cinematic and beyond… All these sounds are also highly usable for multimedia productions such as films, TV, sound design, documentaries, games and more. Just sit back and enjoy the deep flavor of “Depth”

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          • Imaginary Landscapes Vol.1 WAV
            December 23rd, 2020
            Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

            Imaginary Landscapes Vol.1 WAV

            Imaginary Landscapes Vol.1

            HiDERA | 23 December 2020 | 481 MB

            EXPERiMENTAL / 48 Loops / 155 One Shots

            Conjuring imagined spaces through improvised atmospheres, composer and sound designer Eliot Krimsky offers us Imaginary Landscapes Vol. 1, the latest ambient collection on Rubicon. With a focus on exploring otherworldly textures, Krimsky embraced a workflow that welcomed chance and unexpected results. Chaining a Prophet 6 and OP-1 together with a Strymon Timeline and Nightsky, Krimsky’s shimmering pads and melodic cloudbursts evoke new age pioneers Iasos and Tangerine Dream, while providing a novel palette from magesy download producers of all genres.

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            • Room Keys: 4am Future RnB WAV-FLARE
              December 19th, 2020
              Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

              Room Keys: 4am Future RnB WAV-FLARE

              Room Keys: 4am Future RnB

              Flare | 20 August 2020 | 679 MB

              Room Keys: 4am Future RnB blends late night soul with smokey RnB aesthetics. Hazy neon synths and shimmering guitars meet twisted pitched vocals, lush chord progressions and futuristic keys. Created in collaboration with Arthouse Acoustics, we recorded live sessions deep into the early hours to chop, resample and layer into a cocktail of late night love songs. Carefully arranged and processed melodics create a deep collection of song starters and stacked loops. Live guitars, classic Rhodes, unique vintage synth tones and ghostly voices were treated with guitar pedals, tape emulations and dusty reverbs. Drums and percussion feature drum loops dripping in character, unique snares and live percussion one shots. Every loop has been meticulously tagged and tempo-synced. Perfect for dark RnB, Trap Soul, experimental beats and more.

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              • Melodic Meditations SAMPLES
                December 18th, 2020
                Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                Melodic Meditations SAMPLES

                Melodic Meditations SAMPLES

                FANTASTiC | 18 December 2020 | WAV:742 MB

                EXPERiMENTAL / 123 Loops / 36 One Shots

                Producer and guitarist has created a gorgeous palette of custom loops and samples from magesy download his 25-year plus practice of nylon/steel string guitars & charango. Michael focused on capturing the intimate sound of the nail contacting the strings, ethereal ebow sheets of sound, enchanting charango passages & danceable stems influenced by the music of Mexico, South and Central America.

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                • Experimental House and Breaks WAV
                  December 17th, 2020
                  Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                  Experimental House & Breaks WAV

                  FANTASTiC | 28 January 2020 | 314 MB

                  Experimental House & Breaks transcends from magesy download House to Techno to Breaks via a combination of lush pads, delicate chords, warm analogue synths, fuzzy bass and melancholy arps. This unique selection of alien synths, morphed foley, rich drum loops, and glitchy sounds are sure to bring uniqueness and variety to your collection. All loops are at 125bpm

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                  • Dark Zebra Solaria H2P
                    December 17th, 2020
                    Categories: H2P, Presets, ZEBRA

                    Dark Zebra Solaria H2P

                    Dark Zebra Solaria H2P

                    DECiBEL | 17 Dec 2020 | 5.4MB

                    Dark Zebra Solaria is a cinematic wide screen collection of 170 signature patches for U-He’s Dark Zebra synth. Dark, atmospheric, subtle, rhythmic and slightly distorted, these sounds are best suited to be used in TV, film drama and sci-fi. Influences can be attributed to composers and artists such as Johann Johannsson, Anthony Gonzales & Joseph Trapanese, Solar Fields, Cliff Martinez and Harry Gregson-Williams. Perfect for any underscore situation that require dark animated distant atmospheres, pulsing arpeggios, mangled bass lines and synth basses, dark keys, lush animated ambient pads, dramatic pulses and drum impacts, fx’s, experimental synths and sci-fi soundscapes. Many patches offer added adaptability programmed into the modwheel and aftertouch is used for more expression, to make these sounds come alive. All sounds have X/Y assignments for further exploring and as always leaving a few dB headroom. Solaria requires The Dark Zebra to load, which is a custom and special built version of Zebra 2 with over 400 presets, created for Hans Zimmer who used the sounds in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises soundtracks. The Dark Zebra requires a Zebra 2 license.

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                    • Plant Music And Granular Performances: VHS PROCESSED SOUNDS WAV
                      December 8th, 2020
                      Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                      Plant Music And Granular Performances: VHS PROCESSED SOUNDS WAV

                      Plant Music & Granular Performances

                      FANTASTiC | 07 December 2020 | 773 MB

                      ..:: VHS PROCESSED SOUNDS ::..

                      Genre: EXPERiMENTAL / 139 Loops / 60 One Shots

                      A bridge between nature and musician is explored by Imka (Evidence of Yesterday) using MIDISprout technology and granular synthesis to capture and sonify the biodata of plants in this collection of micro-compositions unlike any other. A collaboration on equal grounds, plants are as much the composer as Imka in this array of live ambient performances, captured with the use case of MPC-style sampling close in mind. Within Plant Music & Granular Performances, you’ll hear sounds processed through VHS tapes, space echo, analog reverb, and guitar pedal oddities for atmospheric warmth. Incoming signals from magesy download plants are massaged with custom Max For Live devices, patched by Imka himself. Long-form samples allow producers to interpret multi-section passages with a selective ear, while shorter loops cut to bar offer an approachable sampling experience with room for interpretation. Imka encourages these worlds of sound be slowed down, sped up, and rearranged to taste. Plant Music & Generative Performances is as imaginative as it is carefully crafted––truly a must-have for seekers of sounds previously unheard and forward-thinking.

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